Vincent Audio

Does anyone have experience with this company or their equipment? I recently saw amps and pre-amps from them and was wondering.
I am not really sure about Vincent. Never heard them myself but I have mixed feelings about them. Some of the stories I heard are to good to be true. I read stories the people where replacing top power amps for the SP996.
But it may be worth the gamble.
I have a hybrid CD player and a hybrid integrated amp made by Shengya, the Chinese company that makes the equipment for Vincent. They are excellent pieces and built very well. They also go under the name of Kavent.
i own a vincent cd s6. it uses three tubes, a 12ax7, a 6922 and a 12au7 for the headphone.

it is a typical 24/96 modern tube sounding component. there is some tube sensitivity.

i am having the metal film resistors replaced as well as the solen and other caps.
I got an SA-31 preamp used here for about $300 USD & like it... But my experience so far is w/decent entry-level stuff.
Was only able to find 1 in-depth review for it (a PDF w/matching 331 amp?) but it was mostly positive esp WRT its < $500 price.
Mostly acquired it & an AMC CVT 1030 for occasional use of their bass & treble controls. Both the units have nice, subtle well-placed tone control curves IMO & complete tone control bypassing.
BUT that's where the similarity ends - The 1030 has nice low component count & lends itself to component upgrade (but lacks the muting delay that the SA-31 has). The SA-31 main board is jam-packed & anything but simple.
I think I'd only consider these particular preamps if tone controls are important to you.
I own an int from Vincent, sv226mkII and like it very much. Traded from a Creek 5350SE int into it and is a better match for my Triangle spkrs. The Creek was a fine amp also, but the Vincent brought a very subtle warmth that is welcome with my spkrs. as well as more robust bass. Know the story might be reverse with other spkr brands. Can tell you have never listened to such a wide range of music types, and am really enjoying that. With the Creek I did not enjoy full symph. as much....more chamber music or solo guitar. With this Vincent it seems right and relaxed on all music types.