Vincent 236Kkii Reliability vs. Yamaha and Luxman

I am going to to be replacing my Carver seperates shortly with a new integrated amp.

At the 2K range I am looking the Vincent 236 and Yamaha SA2000

At the 4K range I am looking at the Luxman 505u.

I am a geezer nearing retirement, so this may be my last decent stereo purchase, so long term reliability is key for me.

The Vincent looks good on paper, however I am not sure of reliability. In this price range the Yamaha may be a better choice. Any opinions from owners of these amps in greatly appreciated.

The Lux is 2x the price of the above amps and I have yet to read anything bad about one, so it may be the best choice in the long run

I'd take the Luxman or a comparable Accuphase which seem to last forever. You may not always get what you pay for but you'll never get what you don't pay for! :-)
I would go Luxman to make sure its your last (especially if you have a local dealer).
I owned yamaha s2000 I sold it cause was not musical
Clear, fatiguing sound.....
Now I have luxman 550 A II state of the, art,
Happy for now.
Thanks for the responses.
I do have a local Lux dealer and he is bringing a 505u for me to audition.
I'd consider Marantz Reference series, in the same price range as Luxman but better warranty/dealer support
I have 509u it's pretty great.

Were you using the balanced inputs when you had the Yamaha?
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Yes I used balance conections, at that time i had three amps,
Cayin KT88
luxman 550A2
Yamaha S2000

I tried Dali helicons 800 MK2
Nola Boxer and others.
Yamaha was so clinical sounding certainly tons of details but fatiguing i wanted to loved but i end up selling it.
the look was great but sound cheese compared to Luxman.
my 2 cents
509u is real nice sounding amp!