Vince Guaraldi recommendations

Last night I noticed that his piano on Chet Baker/Cal Tjader is right up my alley. A web search showed lots of music attached to his name. Anyone have favorites? Vinyl is preferred and comments on sound quality would certainly be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

I highly recommend Jazz Impressions of Black Orpheus. Originally on Vanguard, I think there has been audiophile vinyl release. Steve Hoffman did a remaster for CD on DCC Gold. It's a great record and includes his hit, "Cast Your Fate to the Wind."
Charle Brown Christmas is a favorite year around for the fine muscianship on this album.
The "Cast Your Fate to the Wind" album on Fantasy is very enjoyable. It sold well originally so not too hard to find at a reasonable price. You would want the red label (earlier pressing) over the blue label.
Try Guaraldi and Bola Sete. Great guitar and piano. They recorded a couple of disks on Fantasy.
Ditto: Charlie Brown Christmas,a timeless classic.
Thanks for the advice. Just got a remastered CB Christmas and I love it. I've heard these songs a million times, but it's fun to really listen to them for the first time. Bola Sete, Cast Your Fate and Black Orpheus wil follow soon.

Thanks again,

BTW - if you like Bola Sete w/Guaraldi, he's got a great solo album on Fantasy from the same era called "Tour de Force" which I'd also highly recommend.
A Boy Named Charlie Brown...SACD.
A Charlie Brown Christmas is excellent. I have the orginal and the new remastered edition, They did a good job on the remaster. Recommended!
'Latin Side of Vince Guaraldi' is one you should give a listen to.

While all of the above recordings are great, nothing stands to GRACE, his jazz/catholic eucharist fusion. If you like Bill Evans, Bach..think what the two can be combined (think "Bill Evans and Symphony Orchestra-ish with a chior singing the liturgy).

Even in MONO, the soundstange is wonderful and the tonality is great.

Marty Nickison