Does anyone on this forum own a pair of Vimburgs?  Mino or Tonda.

Has anyone auditioned the Vimburgs against, say, some Magicos??

I don't think you'll find many, if any, current Vimberg owners here, as they have not been released in the US very long.  The Mino sounded excellent at RMAF last October.  Vimberg Mino and Tonda are supposed to be at AXPONA in April, shown by Wynn Audio. 
Yes, they were also at CAF in November, sounding good in one of the large rooms.
I just saw the Mino and tonda at a dealer and the build quality is exceptional. They just look stunning. Will probably listen to them tomorrow.
I know Jeff Fritz owned the Magico Q7s for a while and certainly could've chosen a lower Magico model in his downsizing effort.  That he chose the Tondas over the similarly-priced S5s tells me the Vimbergs are definitely worth a listen, although at this level personal taste and system matching is everything. 
will be listening to them and other Tidal speakers at THEVOICETHATIS just outside Philadelphia tomorrow and the weekend.
@soix  did he have the mk1 or mk2 ?

So heard the Tonda-D and Contriva G2... both amazing... to summarize, Tonda-D is detailed, natural and relaxed, the Contriva is hyperdetailed, laser like but still musical and immersive.

Posted full impressions on sonicvisions dot org.
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