Vikings Fight Song: Try again


I can't imagine what Bud Grant thinks of this. Prince truly let the Vikings down with this fight song Now I know why he had to change his name back then.

Watch this bunch of skeevozo unknowns if you want to know how to do a fight song
The Saints Go Marching In...
Havent heard it but, Prince or the guy formerly known as Prince or whatever he? is known as just dont mix.

maybe something by those guys fron the Capitol One commercial.
That second one is some fun sh*t, I laughed out loud.
I'm up here on the frozen tundra but I'm thinking this Vikings song just isn't doing it for me.

However, I understand why some Lone Star State folks might have some bitter feelings. Frankly I was a bit surprised myself.

I'm not even going to venture a guess on the outcome of Sundays game. Vikings have a history of being very inconsistent. They have some great talent but, as usual, you can't be sure what team will show up. So, hoping for the best but prepared for the worst. Safest way to follow this team. 8^)

I honestly believe they could lose big OR they could go to the Super Bowl. Either way it's been a fun season.
Until now, I always thought that the word "flabbergasted" was an unnecessarily showy kind of word.
very funny, thanks, what would Steeler fans think??
Looked like the football gods tried everything they could to ensure we didn't need to suffer that song another two weeks.

It took the worst rule in sports, football's sudden death overtime where the other team never gets an opportunity, to pull it out.
Unfortunately the Vikes pretty much beat themselves.
Ouch, I still hurt from the song and the game. How can a team out-perform so strongly and loose, just ask the Vik's... We have done it for years. This one hurt, 475 yards, 74 plays, five turnovers, ouch.

Funny with Prince, he was shown at the games, dead pan face, yet he felt inspired to write a bad song, for a bad game I guess.

Saints fans the ride is over, you will get killed by Indi' just like you were Sunday.
I thought the Vikings fight song was "Spam Spam Spam Spam. Spam Spam Spam Spam. Lovely Spam. Wonderful Spam."


Black & Gold Super Bowl!!!!!!!

My heart wants the Saints to win, my brain tells me they're gonna get slaughtered!;)