Views on the Use of Argent Room Lens

I am looking for feedback on the use of Argent Room Lenses. I would like to know if there are people who originally used them but discovered that they did something wrong and no longer use them. Also would like set-up suggestions for those who use them and what they hear with them in the system.

I've used them with Dunlavy SC-II (tall, slender) speakers and also Quad ESL 63's, and they helped the sound a lot with both. At first I had them flanking the speakers, toed in more than the speakers, touching the speakers. Then I moved them 10" forward, with the flanking and toe in the same, and it was much better. My wife moved one an inch or so while cleaning the floor, and I noticed that the sound had gotten worse--placement is that sensitive.

I also used them with an Oris 150 horn system (bass cabinets below) and they hurt rather than helped the sound. Horns are very special but also uncommon. The Argents will work well with almost all speakers, I would guess.

I have DIY plans for Room Lens clones--contact me if you're interested. They take some workshop capability to make.
I have used a set of two home brew Room Lens clones behind my Magneplanar 1.6's for some time now and have found them to be a very worthwhile addition. In my room, they allow me to subtly focus the upper frequencies towards the listening position. They can be used either behind a planar speaker or to the outside edges, depending on the sound quality you desire. There is a bit less "smear" and more palpability to imaging. Not night and day differences, but you miss them when out of the soundfield.