Views/experience of mating Conrad Johnson PV 14L w

Appreciate any experience/views of owners of CJ PV 14L with preferably Bryston or any other ss power amp,within a wide genre of musical styles ie Barber,Krall,Pink Floyd,Greg Brown,jazz vocal/light classical etc.
Many thanks
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For best system matching I would recommend something in the CJ line-up, MF2250A or MF2500A.

Thanks Czbbcl.I should point out that I have a Bryston 14 BST which is here to stay.Its currently mated with an ARC LS2B.The LS 2B is a superb preamp(I've paid less than $ 300 net)but I miss the remote.I am in love with the tube ss combination.Among the options that I have been exploring is the CJ PV 14L.Hence would appreciate any view/experiences of the CJ combined with a ss power amp.A home demo would have clinched the issue but it is not going to happen for sometime.