Vienna's vs. Bose Lifestyle 35

I have a complete Vienna system Mozarts, Mestro, Waltz, with a Denon Amp, dvd player, 200 CD player, VCR, REL Q201E sub, and Monster power. I don't like all the separates and black boxes....

I like the simplicity of the Bose Lifestyle 35. How can I simplify my existing system, without seriously downgrading to the Bose?
Assuming that you are serious about all this ... you could replace the amp/dvd/cd player with an all-in-one box like the new NAD L70 dvd/cd surround receiver (it seems like the L70 is similar to the L75, which was not available in North America). The NAD is a stylish looking, titanium finished unit and it could also possibly be a step-up from the Denon, depending on which Denon you have. How much are you using your VCR? If not that much, you could hook-up your VCR to a second TV or decommission it altogether. All this should reduce the "box clutter." If you wish to go further and go "elegant" with your speakers .. and I don't know why you would you mess with your Viennas ... they are what you actually hear. You could look at the Anthony Gallo cube speakers w/sub or the KEF "egg" shaped all in one HT speaker package (KHT 2005). At the end of this you would have a "nice" sounding system ... but you would have given up some of the audiophile sound depth that your current speakers give your set-up. Good luck, Rich
I think Linn makes a one piece DVD Home theater system. Please not Bose !
LINN Classik Movie System, Gallo speakers. Bose?????

Etu Jhai??

Just kidding.

Buy what you like and like what you buy but the Linn Gallo setup would not punish you when listening to music.
Linn Classik is a given for the source and amplification. Speaker choices are the matching speakers that Linn makes (which, IMHO, sound far better than could be expected), Gallo (not a big fan of these at all), and Totem Dreamcatcher 5.1 (my favorite of the bunch). Cheers!
all highs and no lows
whoops must BOSE!
Go and listen to the Bose. If you do not hear a dramatic difference between the Vienna Acoustics and Bose,you will save thousands of dollars in your lifetime. Sell the VA on audiogon and buy the Bose used.