Vienna Beethoven Baby Grand vs Mozart Grand

I would like to hear how these differ in sound. I have
read random posts that state they sound quite different
from each other.. My room is 12.5 x 30 with 10 foot
ceilings. My speakers would be on the 12.5 foot
dimension and I would be sitting about 9 feet back.

I think they sound very close in timbre. But the Beethoven do every thing better and with more authority. The Motzarts
are a tremendous value but I would consider a sub to finish what they start. The Beethovens seem to come prepared to do the whole job. I was strongly considering the Beethovens when I bought my Revels and I would have bought the Motzarts for the rears. VA speakers are beautiful in appearance and sound. Sometimes I question my decision on what I bought. But I have enough things to blame. I love audiophilia!
I have heard both the Beethoven Baby Grands and the Mozarts, but not the same day. In both cases electronics was Primare. For what I recall, Baby Grands had more authority, extension, definition, detail, and tightness of bass than the mozarts. For a room your size I'd recommend the Baby Grands. Regardless, Vienna speakers have a bit of a wild impedance curve, therefore they need to be driven with high current and relatively high damping factor amplifiers lest they may sound plum in the bass region and somewhat too warm overall. Certain class D amps seem to work particularly well with Vienna speakers. G.
2 great responses.. Thanks!

I have an all Krell system so I think I will be all set
for "high damping factor". I heard the Original Beethovens
in 1999 with Krell and remember how good they sounded..

Anyone heard the old Beethoven vs the Beethoven Baby Grand?
I see both used on Audiogon from time to time..
hi, I have a friend in mpls mn who has the new top of the line vienna speakers for sale barely broken in if anybody is interested. chrissain
Crissain, there is a dedicated thread for discussing the top of the line Die Muzick speakers by Vienna Acoustics. See: