Vienna Acoutics New Bach Grand for $1200

I need help in deciding whether to purchase Vienna acoustics brand new Bach Grand for $1200 or Monitor audio RX8 for little less than MSRP. Auditioned both and like both :) This will be used for 75% stereo and 25% home theater.
Very tough call. both are well respected with the same specs - 4 ohm, 90 db sensitivity. So the same amp can probably be used for both.

Count me as a Vienna Acoustics advocate though because I have a pair of Bach Grands in my main system. I am still thrilled everytime I listen. I always get the upgrade bug, but never with the speakers. I upgrade around them - to try to further enhance what I am hearing. They are extremely musical - very sweet, smooth high end. The 7" woofer produces generous bass that is fast and tight. Midrange is just superb - a well executed design for a two-way. Finally the speakers are hand made in Austria, cabinets are gorgeous and if the pair your buying is any color other than Piano Black, VA actually matches the grain in the veneers by selling in pairs with matching serial numbers. Very nice attention to detail. Even the grills have aluminum frames and pins and suggest high quality.

One word of caution. They are extremely picky to room placement so expect to spend some time looking for the right spot relative to your listening position. Once I found mine, the results were spectacular.
Paraneer, thanks for a detailed reply about VA Grand Bach. I auditioned a Grand Mozart SE and ended up buying this due to a sale. Is it worth looking at Mozart SE at twice the price.
Congrats on buying the Mozarts SE's and going with Viennas!
I am sure you'll be very happy. Whether they are worth twice the cost of the Bachs, only you can be the judge of that.
It's worth it. For me, it was love (or maybe ear) at first site with the Viennas. I also started out wanting to buy the Bachs. But listened to my friends, dealers,etc. and decided to give the Mozarts a try. Been about 4 years since with no regrets.