Vienna Acoustics vs ERA

I'm on the market for small floor standing speakers. I've narrowed down to Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand (or maybe Beethoven Baby Grand) and ERA D14 for the modest budget that we have. I only have one dealer for each in my area but they run very different components to audtion. Has anyone compared these two companies in great detail? This is for 80% music (Jazz, Blues, Acoustics, opera) and 20% HT.

Appreciate any input that you may have.
Since you have narrowed it down to the Mozart Grand (maybe the Beethoven Baby Grand) and ERA D14, and you have dealers for both Vienna Acoustic and ERA speakers in your area, my suggestion would be to arrange for a "home demo" using your components and listening to your music in your home. That truely is the "acid test". Anything else is just a guess.
I have been using the Mozart Grands for some time and i really enjoy them day in and day out. They are a wonderfully laid-back speaker with a full bodied midrange. The bass that these small towers can put out is just mind blowing IMO. Seriously some of the tightest bass i have heard.I also recommend some decent amplification as these just flat out perform when properly amplified. There is of course lots of competition on the market, and everyone has different tastes, but the beauty and extreme detail to build quality is what drew me in.
I know this is a very old post, but which one did you get finally?
Go for the Vienna Acoustics. The cabinet work alone is worth it. They are actually made in Vienna a place that knows a thing are two about how music should sound. Anyway, ERA speakers are made in China. Buy products that are made in places that support fair workers wages and have environmental protections that are enforced.
Thanks. Actually i do own a pair of bach grands. But everyone who has a chance to compare them, does note the extended bass of the mozart grands. I am getting the upgrade itch!
I agree -they are so beautiful i do not feel like trying anything else to be honest!