Vienna Acoustics versus Epos

Hello all, new to Audiogon and new to the hobby of hi end audio. I am going to build my first system, test the waters.
I live in a town that has zero hi end stores, so I cannot hear anything in person without having to drive 200 miles round trip to the nearest real stores that have the ability to listen to equipment/speakers in person. So, my question, to get real feedback on two speaker companies I am eyeing.
I'd like to know any remarks on the differences in Vienna Acoustics Haydn's versus Epos M12, and feedback on the Vienna Acoustics Mozart versus Epos M22.
Feedback on the pairs with anyone that has compared these hopefully using solid state amps and tube amps as well as solid state preamps and tube preamps. I at this point have nothing, I am going to have to buy everything from speakers to amps/preamps cables, etc. I also will be incorporating these possible choices as use with watching movies so any advice on these speakers for music AND movie soundtracks.
As far as music I like and will be playing on the system would be a range of Fleetwood Mac to Jethro Tull to Xavier Rudd to Tony Furtado, but then again I like all kinds of music.
Being a beginner, I have lots of research to do but I want to know some feedback on these two companies first.
I bought the Vienna Acoustic Mozart Baby Grands, put about 350 hours on them and sold them, because I thought they lacked in comparison to the Triangle Celius ES I planned to replace them with. Way to much sound in the box.
I would look into the Nola Contender (theres a next to new pair on AG for a good price-in my opinion) also may be one of the Reference 3A Modles.
By the way I was using PrimaLuna Tubes Prolouge 3, 5, and 7's