Vienna Acoustics The Music vs Sonus Faber Stradivari

For those people have experiences with these two speakers, please share your opinions. I need to make a decision between these two wonderful speakers.

My music preference is classical music.

Associated equipment includes
Source: Ayon CD 5S/ Sony HAP-Z1ES
Amplifier: Edge Signature 1.2 mono-block (600 Watts peak output)
Cable: Cardas / Furutech
Room: 17 X 22

Appreciate all inputs in advance.

Happy Listening!!!

SF Stradvari- aesthetically, end game with sound to match. 

Have not heard The Music.

Purely subjective, VA  "house sound" overruled  by the SF.

Stradavari -one of the last "real" SF's prior to being acquired. It's one of few used big dollar speakers I would consider.  Add  2 REL No.25's, and you won't leave the house 

Graphite finish- thank you.

Wow...first world problems! 

Assuming you haven't listened to them both or in similar rooms/systems... Both are in general, wonderful. One consideration is placement and room size. The SFs are significantly wider profile and would probably benefit being on the longer wall. The VAs are slim-ish and with the adjustable angle on the top portion adaptable to many a situation. Perhaps a better fit if you're committed to a short-wall placement, which makes a deeper soundstage easier to achieve. 

I think the SFs are among the most beautiful speakers made, but based on limited listening at different dealers, the VA is the one I'd prefer to live with, YMMV. I suggest listening with eyes closed so the looks of the SF wouldn't sway me. They are both fine speakers for sure. Cheers,
Actually I had the chance to audit VA The Music twice and once only SF Amati, not Stradivari in unsubstantial lengthy sessions with total different settings.

VA The music speakers were paired with all McIntosh equipment and SF Stradivari speakers were matched with Constellation mono-block amplifier.

I was not sure that I heard the additional effects from the super tweeters of VA The Music but the high frequency sound/tone of those speakers was definitely different from my expression of smaller VA speakers I owned.

On the other hand, I was so impressed by the ring-dome tweeters of SF Amati and upgraded the tweeters in my then owned compatible 3-way design speakers right after.

Thanks for tablejockey’s input for adding additional sub-woofers in the system. In my sub-woofer experiment period, the coherent synchronization will never be optimal. Actually this is my dilemma, 3 x 9-inch bass drivers of VA The Music or 2 x 12-inch bass drivers of SF Stradivari would have more convincing expression of Mahler’s or Bruckner’s large scale music. Of course, you don’t listen to those large-scaled music frequently.

Again, all inputs are welcomed.

Happy Listening!!!
I listen to large-scale orchestral music much of the time, and have listened to both of the above.
Here goes: neither of these excellent speakers will give you a realistic rendition of Mahler 2 (Klemperer live, Barbirolli) or 5 (Barbirolli), let alone 8 (Horenstein). An approximation is possible, probably more so with the VA + "swarm" (i.e. 3 small subs), than with the SF: the latter are difficult soncially to pair with subs, I tried for a friend and the results were not stellar. Maybe using their own subs is the ticket -- but we didn't have those.

SF Strads: the sound is, subjectively, slightly on the warm side (probably a bump around 80-100Hz) and pleasantly mellow especially with strings (not surprisingly). I really like these speakers.

The VA are less sonically friendly and more user friendly (you position them for optimum bass reproduction and then angle the upper part. Subjectively they are less mellow (i.e. there is probably no upper bass- low mids bump) and the reproduction of detail is thereby enhanced. What this means for Mahler or Bruckner (to use your example) is that the orchestra will sound correct, i.e. you will easily perceive all the sonic cues including low-level details (as per the system's resolution). On their own, however, the VA sounded to me slightly thinner than the Strads; coupled with 2 subs (small SVS if I recall), however, the sonic result was major scale. A plausible approximation of an orchestra was now possible.

The ultimate choice is yours, obviously.
[Re subs: I wouldn't worry. Your room is big enough to accommodate 3 subs, so mating with the main spkrs is not a problem. Audiokinesis does this (inexpensively I might add) and they are members here at Agon.]
Hi Greg,

It is SO nice to hear from you again after so many inactive years on my end.

Thank you for your detail inputs.

Yes, totally agree with you that we are all chasing the impossible mission - high fidelity reproduction.  I was lucky enough to attend the live performances of Mahler Symphony No.2, No.3, No. 8 (Symphony of a Thousand), Saint-Saens Symphony No. 3 (Organ) and Carl Orff Carmina Burana.  All those performances deem the sound reproduction at home is only dream.  But we, audiophiles, persuade ourselves to chase that dream.  

At my current stage, music coherence is the top priority. Just wanted to enjoy the music as a whole even sometimes I listen to music with the score in my hands.

By the way, the live recordings of Klemperer's Mahler symphony performances are absolutely overwhelming.