Vienna Acoustics Mozarts are rated 6 Ohms ? ? ?

In asking around, it seems that VA presents their speakers as being rated 6 Ohms but are probably more closer to 4 Ohms in reality. My understading is that VA is listing them at 6 Ohms so that they would be percieved as compatible to a wider purchasing audience (mainly folks w/ an 8 Ohm amp) The question is: When an amp is rating their output for 8,4&2 Ohms speakers, which am I getting? This is especially confusing since most manufacturers never note the power output to 6 Ohms. Thanks in advance 'Goners.
There isn't really too much concern here I don't think. A majority of speakers rarely have a steady impedance. 6 is probably a fairly accurate average or median. Mathematically, if you want to know what your amp puts out at six ohms, you can calculate it, but to be quite honest, you shouldn't need to worry too much about it. Unless you are questioning whether or not it is under powered. Sorry, I'm sure this wasn't much help.
How did you find out this info? I have 4 Bachs (also rated at 6 ohms) and I want to switch them to another system on another amplifier that's none to beefy. Did you find impedence curves for any of these speakers? I'm also interested in the data for the Beethovens if you have it.
As mentioned...I wouldnt worry about it too much...if your amp can handle 4 can easily handle Quad Ls are rated at 6 as well...and as mentioned...most speakers dont have a steady load...even those "rated at" 8 have dips...VA is providing you with "accurate specs"...
I have VA Mozarts as well and can tell you that Stereophile did a complete review back in Jan 1997. There was an impedance vs. frequency response plot that showed the curve over the frequency spectrum of the speaker. I have pulled out the review (vol 20,no.1) and can tell you that the VA Mozarts drop down below 4 ohms between 100hz and 400hz the lower midrange. The review recommends using a "good solid state a amp or a tube amp with a beefy 4 ohm tap" I have been driving my pair with a 35 watt Tube integrated made by Audiomat with great ease. Most solid state amps tend to increase power when the impedance drops so you should have no trouble with the 3.7 ohm dip. Hope this helps.