Vienna acoustics Mozart: Who knows?

After several months of listening different systems, I am about to decide myself to purchase a hifi system including amplifier + CD reader + speakers, based on the Vienna Acoustics Mozart speakers.

First of all, let me explain my musical tastes: opera, symphonic music, organ, piano, flute... and my wife is mainly listening blues.

In terms of budget, I was in the range of 2500 euros (3000 USD), but I am ready to slightly exceed 3000 euros (3600 USD) if needed (which seems the case with Mozart speakers)

Some criteria which particularly hold my attention:
- no too big speakers
- not of system where the soprano is screaming (3 hours of Mozart then become unbearable)
- sufficient accuracy to hear what occurs to the various places from the scene (it is quiet important opera)
- Good enough bass (it is important for Wagner)
- properly fast and fluid (it is important for the flute)
-a system which restores without improving (it is unbearable to see Glenn Gould becoming Martha Argerich)
In short, too much for my budget.

In fact, after having listened many speakers within 800-1300 euros (1000-1500 USD) the pair (Quad, Kef, JM.Reynaud, Triangle...), I found the Vienna Acoustics Mozart which I immediately liked. I like it the beauty of the voices, its neutrality, the fair support of bass (however I don't need too much of it), the lack of tiredness on high frequencies and its design (size and quality of finish). I listened to them with an Atoll amplifier IN 100 and the CD reader Marantz SA8400, which remains certainly to be improved, with a more precise CD reader and to lower the total budget.

My questions:
- did somebody knows these speakers, what comments do you have, with which electronics?
- what do you think of the choice of the Atoll amplifier on these speakers? Any other ideas around 800 euros (900 USD)? What about Kora 90 CSC?
- as far the CD reader, I will soon listen the Rotel RCD 02 with these speakers, I also thought about the Atoll CD 80: what do you think about it? Any other ideas between 400-800 euros (500-900 USD)?

Thank you in advance for your comments. Sorry for my English which is maybe not perfectly clear.
Salut Laurent! I am French but will continue in English for the sake of others. Did you read the Diapason review of the VA Mozart? Actually, it may have been Baby Mozart. They really liked it. I bet Kora gear would sound great with them but the 90 may not quite have the bass quality those speakers need. I like the 150 a lot and would definately recommend it over the 90 - I have owned both at the same time.

Atoll is a little bright and thin in my opinion but if you like it, go for it. However, I would really recommend the Micromega A60 and Micromega Minium CD - they sound fantastic together and are right in your price range. They are also very easy to find in France.

Envoyez-moi un email si vous avez d'autres reclamations.
Je ne parle pas Francais, mais, je crois que Vienna Acoustics est tres bien.
-Guillaume (I THINK that's how to spell "Bill" in French...)
Footnote: As you can see, your English is WAY better than my French!
Are you talking about the new Grand series? Probably the finest wood working and cabinets I've ever seen. The cherry is especially beautiful and I think more rich and classy than the rosewood. The old model's rosewood was superb but this time the red hue is gone and it's mostly dark brown. That medium brown cherry is just right and unlike anything I've seen before. The woodworking itself is also first class. This speaker will look just as good for years, will never look dated.

But, um, I've not heard the Grand Mozart. I have heard a couple of V.A.s and they seem somewhat easy to drive.
I have/had Haydens, Maestro, Mozarts, Beehovens, Oratorio, and finally Mahlers. I love the VA gear. I am not familiar with your equipment. But I currentaly run a pass X250 and like the results. I have heard the new Grand series. They are a bit better but you can get used original series for less then half the price. Maybe a used x150 to match? I was using my Nakamichi PA-1 for my mains for a few years, but the Pass changed the speakers completely. Hope you pick a winner.
This goes just as far as talking about a Atoll pre amp,yes could be a hair bright on some material,and half of it does depend on the recording.Thin,no.The pre amp has a big power supply,bigger then alot of amps and for sure pre amps,like i said some.Crystal clear sound,easier to find where you live then in the states.Very good vlaue considering what they put in their products.