Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand v Focal 826V

Hi,  Has anyone had any experience in comparing a Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand to a Focal 826V?  Power is an Anthem 225 with AP Oval 9.  Music would be classic rock/ blues and  easy listening.  Thanks
I suspect the 826W would best both. 
Yes. Completely different speakers. You want one you can feel the music more, it's flow, it's groove and emotion, to me that is the Vienna. You want one you can hear a better portion of micro dynamics and more details to the sounds, the recording space, to me that would be the Focal. Both very good speakers and so could fit what you want with what you have. Best advice, you should listen to them. 
I have Vandersteen 2C (late 80s) and Infinity RS 2.5 right now.  I prefer the doped tweeter in the 2C to the late metal tweeter.  I assume the above speakers are in a different league?
yes, different league
very different

Who could compare its what you like its your ears and your money.
Hard to compare as they are many miles apart and listening in another room is almost useless  Are the Mozarts laid back at all??  In other words are rock and blues going to sound to soft?  We are not looking for Cerwin Vega here but do not want a surprise.  I used to work in the biz years ago and I thought at the time that many higher end speakers were somewhat designed with classical music in mind and still think so today but maybe not.
The 826 isn't wildly different in general character than the 936's I've got and I wouldn't call them laid back while being fed something like Tool. The dynamics and smoothness allows them to be listened to very comfortably at gut-rattling volume with complete clarity. I doubt the 826V would demonstrate the same muscularity in the bottom end, and the speed and clarity of the poly-glass doesn't touch the F cone, but they're very decent speakers all around. Still, I'm saying check out the 826W if you can find them. 
I have the Mozart Grands. 

Never heard the Focal 826V but have heard their large scale speakers forget the model but in the 25k-30k range. 

Like others have said they are completely different sounding speakers. 

The Vienna will be smooth on the top end. Not nearly extended as focals. Will never come off as bright. 

The mid-range has a bit of warmth to it which can be less or more according to the amplification you choose (probably less with your amp). It has a bit of bloom to it.

The bass goes pretty low in smaller rooms. I could see a real bass head wanting subs (I don't need them). A good all round bass slightly rounded but not to the point where it's loose. Lacks the tightness the focals will have but is capable of "Slam" to some degree. 

Imaging and sound staging are amazing on the Vienna's
The focal's that I have heard are going to give you a more lean detailed sound with the anthem. Probably a little bit more forward sounding. They have pretty amazing imaging and soundstaging as well just different presentation. I personal think they are bright but again this is all preference and individual hearing.  

Both can be pleasurable with the music you are talking about given your preference.

Classic Musical vs Detailed comparison.  

If you listened to Focals in the $25-30k range those were probably Scala Utopias. The Be tweeters tend to be a little bright and they're very well known for taking quite a while to break in and mellow. Their Al-Mg tweeters are aren't as bright even fresh out of the box. 
Lots of good posts here. +1 Kosst_amojan.

The Vienna uses polypropylene cones first popularized by Mission in the 70’s. These cones are well damped and quite stiff (good properties) but can have a somewhat overdamped or polite character to the sound - especially if used for upper mid range. Most companies went away from them but there was a decade when they were extremely popular.

Focal like B&W and Wilson tend to have a pleasant bass and treble boost but usually not as pronounced - so Focal are more neutral sounding. Focal have a good mid range and treble with lots of detail and great imaging.

so very different sound - polite/polished vs detailed/dynamic - the weakness of I were to choose one main thing in the Mozart could be the overly polite mid range and the one main weakness in the Focal could be the bright splashy metal tweeter. Both are good speakers just very different.

Ok I now have PSB Silver i here now which I swear may be more likable then the Golds I had    I also have had Paradigm Studio 100v2 s may be use those as a baseline?
FYI  the power is now a Marantz PM 15s1
I’d say if you like the PSB and Paradigm, you’re going to prefer the Focal sound.
On a side not paradigm 100V2 verse PSB silver i?  I do not have them side by side and it has been months since the 100v2s but they seemed dry or thinner overall
Well, that's why I bought Focals instead of Paradigms.