Vienna Acoustics Mozart

Hi to all golden ear experts. I am looking to up grade my speaker SF Cocerto to fullsize speaker.There is one speaker that caught my attention Vienna Acoustics Mozart.Have you guy ever listened to them?Are they good speakers? The reason that I choose the Vieanna Mozart because I live in an apartment and I want a pair of speaker that easly to pack and move.My system : Bryaton 4BS T, Theta miles runs direct to amp,and SF concerto. My budget to spend on used speaker$1000-$1800.
I don't have experience with your amp except to know it is well respected but....Very good should try and hear them. Audio Physics would also be good in your price range as well as the SF grand piano if you like the SF sound
The Mozarts are indeed excellent speakers. I have owned a pair (second owner) for about a year now. I have used them with many componets, tube, solid state, and combinations of each. The signature series with the scan speak drivers are much improved over the earlier bi-wire units which had the seas drivers. I has a Bryston 4B myself, though not at the same time as the Mozarts. Still, being familiar with both pieces i think they should meld well. And you always have the option of adding a pre-amp should you wish to fine tune the sonic signature you are hearing. Especially so if you chose a tube pre. A discussion for another time perhaps. Anyway, if you are interested I have a mint pair I am selling, give me a holler if your interested or have any questions in general about the speakers. Good luck.