Vienna Acoustics Mahler, carpet piercing cones?

I am the proud new owner of a pair of Mahlers, but what's with those tiny cones. Can anyone recommend after market cones that do a better job piercing the carpet?

Dear Bokfudo:

I own Mahlers.

In both Robert Deutch's Stereophile review and Anthony Cordesman's review for Audio of the Mahlers, they mention substitute cones that are large enough for carpeting. The Stereophile review is on the Stereophile website, and the Cordesman review is on Sumiko's website (Sumiko being the distributor of V.A.).

Good luck.
Try Star Sound's Audio Points. My experience with different cones and points is limited, but some claim them to be the best and the improvements in my system were very, very good when I put audio points under everything. The geometry is such that it pulls apart the carpeting to get to the underlayment.

Keep in mind that they (and perhaps others) require an initial 4 to 8 day mechanical break-in period. Yes, it's true.

And if you should move your equipment around again, it can take another fews day for proper re-settling to complete.

Audiogon member esoler makes the best cones. They are made out of stainless steel and he will make them to your specs. They are priced less than the name brands and sound better. IMHO I hope this helps. Happy Listening! John
I use Polycrystal spikes on my speakers, that's what they came with. I've been very happy with every Polycrystal product that I have used.
Thanks to all, very usefull information, I'm off to do the research based on the recommendations.
Ended up with Speakerdude's recommendation and ordered spikes from member esoler, can't be happier.