Vienna Acoustics Hyden vs. B&W CDM1's

I'm in the process of deciding between these two speakers. Others may be added to the list, but I'm making my decision very soon. I auditioned both and there were positives about each. I'm leaning towards the Vienna's at this point.
Thoughts, suggestions in the $1000-1500 monitor price point? I'm more interested in thoughts on these two since it doesn't do me any good to want speakers I can't audition first. I'm in Atlanta, but variety still is lacking.
I have the cdm1nt's run off a Bryston B60 with a Velodyne CT100 sub. I'm happy with the CDM's, however, had I known about Audiogon before I purchased them new, I would have bought a pair of used N805's on this site
I just ordered a pair of CDM 1NT's on Friday. I was very impressed when I heard them. I haven't heard the Vienna Acoustics, so I can't comment on their sound. The new nautilus tweeter in the CDM's is what got me interested. They don't have a ton of bass like the Paradigm Studio 20's do, but the midrange is so nice and sweet. I can't wait to get my hands on them.
I own the Vienna Acoustics Beethoven and Bach speakers. I just upgraded my Haydens for the Bachs becouse I didn't want the stands in my living room. I am very happy with the Bachs. I would have to say the Bach is twice the speaker the Hayden is. I was using the Haydens with a sub. and since I put in the Bachs I unpluged it. This is not to say the Hayden is not an excellent speaker, it is. I just think for a couple more dollars you are getting one hell of a lot more speaker with the Bachs.
How about combared to the Soliloquy 5.0's ? I've heard alot about these babies, but haven't had a chance to audition them. I mostly listen to rock music, with a bit of r&b and blues thrown in.
I came close to buying the hayden's myself after hearing them, the Viennas have an amazing sound. I also listen to mainly rock and some jazz. I wouldn't recommend the vienna's for rock but would recommend the Monitor Audio GR10's, better for rock(actually all kinds of music).
How about a pair of ACI Sapphires III LE's. They are sold online only in the 1100-1450.00 range. I also have been researching speakers in this price range and have found that many people give the sapphires hi-marks.