vienna acoustics haydn with denon avr3803???

I bought a denon avr3803 receiver with vienna acoustics haydn's for surrounds. This is my first "system." Is this a decent match? I think my speakers are better than my receiver, and it seems that the avr3803 is more designed for 8 ohm speakers rather than the 6 ohm haydn's. Am I missing out on a whole lot by not upgrading the receiver or getting a separate amplifier? I listen to music 50% of the time. Mostly rock. I don't play the music overly loud. Sorry for the stupid question, but I would appreciate an opinion from someone. Thanks.
I think Denon sounds sort of dead. A very good match would be Harman Kardon AVR receiver refurbed at The silk tweeter should nicely mellow out the peaky HF of the H-K.
Thanks. The store I bought the receiver from has an upgrade program. I'm not sure if I am limited to upgrading to only denon's or not but I will check. This is my first receiver and speakers and I think they sound pretty good but I have nothing to compare them with. I think I could use a little more power for HT, since I need to turn it all the way up to -5. What do you think makes the receiver sound dead? Is it the lack of power or maybe the signal processing. This is all new to me. Thanks for your advice.