Vienna Acoustics Haydn Grand or Totem Rokk?

Ive heard totems before and I was impressed. I never heard the Veinnas

Anyone have an opinion?

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Sure, I have VA Bach Grands that are very similar to the Haydn Grands but are floorstanders.

I love them - definitely the speaker for me after owning and auditioning many different models. But it may not be the one for you. Suggest you seek out a pair and give a long listen. If you can't though, lets make some quick comparisons:

* Both are 4 Ohm and similar in sensitivity - 88 & 89 db.
* The Haydn Grands have a larger woofer at 6.5" vs 4.5" and since both would require the same amount of power to adequately drive, I would go for the larger woofer in the VA.
* The Vienna uses a soft textile dome tweeter, the Totem a titanium dome. They most likely sound a little different and if you have a preference in driver material, keep this in mind.

Hope this helps and good luck in your search.