Vienna Acoustics Haydn Grand

Are the Vienna Acoustics Haydn Grand as good as the review they recived in the Absolute Sound? I had just decided to purchase the Spendors S8e's and it was recommended i take a listen to the Haydn Grand. I do not have any dealers in my local area to audition these speakers. Would appreciate any feedback for both music & film. Room size 11' x 15'. I listen to mostly blues, jazz & rock.

Plinius 9200
CD Player will be new Naim cdi-2 (Current Sony 9100es)
cables: all FMS
They ARE that good. HOWEVER, the Spendors are also very good. Unless you can find a way to listen for yourself, I'd discourage picking something based on a review over something you've actually heard.

I recently bought a pair of VA Haydn Grands for my bedroom system (room size- 9'x12'). While deciding what integrated amp to use I took my Plinius 8200 mk 11 from my living room system and hooked it up to the Haydn's. I listen primarily to classical in my bedroom and they sounded good with the Plinius. Keep in mind that there is a considerable difference in driver and enclosure size between the VA's and the Spendor's.
Better listen first.

My Haydns (currently in my HT setyp) are powered with Musical Fidelity A308 (250 watts.) I buy small speakers and push them to the max with excellent components. Imaging, soundstage, and depth are pretty impressive with the Haydns. You can create good bass extension with the correct placement.