Does any one know of a distributor or individual that is able to set up a pair of Vienna Acoustics- Die Music according to the Sumiko Master Set Up plan? Prefer to find someone in the VA or MD area.

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some time back I asked VA directly about these speakers. Asking only where could they be heard. who keeps them in inventory. I recall they said a place in Philly I think had a pair. that was a while ago.

I'd get the VA home site link and ask them now, if I had an interest in hearing them as things change, and dealer's inventory are often in flux.

BTW, I'd not hang too much hope on finding them locally, or especially finding them set up in any particular or peculiar manner if or when I did.

VA may well have their own set up criteria given how flexible their 'Music' speakers can be adjusted.

Good luck. 
Thanks for your reply. I  presently have a pair of The Music and need to find someone who can set them up as per the Sumiko Master Plan. Hopefully there is someone in the VA-MD area as I live near Richmond, VA
Samgar, the Sumiko master plan setup is putting the speakers in the center of the room, will that work for you?

Any good audio guy can setup your speakers properly. 

We use the grid method devised by David Wilson to voice the speakers to the room.

Please send us some pictures of your room and your matching gear and we will try to guide you.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ

@samgar2 Join your local Richmond audio club, then ask member and Audiogoner, @rushton for advice. He will never steer you wrong. Cheers,
The mid bass bump not going away huh? I thought VA generally crossed over the woofers low and yours are 100 hz. did you put a sock in the upper port? I have a shop near me where the guys working there know how to make a system sing so i'm going to offer 1 or both of them money to help tune my system. Good luck. moving speakers is free and repeatable, make sure to document your progress.

This is the closest VA Acoustics store to you.  You might at least call the owner.  He tends to have just the Liszt not the Music on demo.

Do people really not know how to set up speakers without assistance? No clue about speaker placement using your EARS, and endless diagrams and suggestions available online for those lacking the "experiment" gene? Amazing.
Sir, I agree with you. Your ears should be the judge, this is not rocket science, however the The Music speaker from Vienna Acoustics is slightly harder to fine tune due to the movable head which holds the coaxial tweeter mid range driver. Like you said, experimentation is key.
When I demoed them at David Lewis Audio in Philadelphia, he said that the movable head was specifically to make it EASIER to fine tune. IFRC, the advice was that regardless of when the speakers get placed, fire the bottom cabinet straight ahead and angle the tweeter/mid cabinet directly at the sweet spot. For general placement theory, Richard Vandersteen did a nice write up years ago that many use as a guide, for any dynamic speakers. Should be easy to find on Vandersteen's site or elsewhere. The 1/3s and 1/5s concepts that you have heard referenced are part of that approach. Cheers,
The movable head does make it easier to fine tune, however I have a very challenging room in terms of roof lines and much glass. I love the speakers however the mid bass is slightly more than I want. I am waiting for a few monster bass traps from GIK, which will hopefully help tame that down. Thanks for your reply.
I have the Liszt rather than the music.  I have a 70 cycle or so hump.  The main cabinet is toed in and the midrange / tweeter is toed in more to the listening position.  I started with the speakers wider apart as recommended by VA, but I have slowly moved them together and this has helped.  If you put some diffusion on the back wall as well as the front wall, that would help as well as some corner bass traps.  I also made a port plug by getting some acoustic foam and rolling it into a tube shape and inserting it into the largest port.  
Thanks Goose:

I am waiting for a few bass traps which I think will help. I too have my speakers adjusted as you do. Thanks for your feedback.

Hi there. My name is Rod Tomson and I am the owner of Soundings in Denver Colo.
I have been doing Master Set's for over 20 years. I couldn't help but notice all of the comments regarding your post and it's clear that most people have no clue about the Physics of sound.

If you would like I would be willing to spend some time on the phone and  see if I can help you with this.  I have Master set at least 20 pairs of Die Musics in every kind of room and the results are amazing.

So please feel free to contact me at  Soundings   303-759-5505

+1 @soundings, nice gesture!

Rod Tomson at 'Soundings' is an expert at this. Applying the 'Sumiko Master Set' is usually transformational for a speaker like that.  
Hello Rod:

Thanks for your reply and I must say you are a gentleman and a scholar. Yes, I would love to call you, however before doing so would it be better if I sent you some pictures of my 
listening room. If so, please give me an email address I should send them to.


Soundings in Denver, Colorado would be my first choice.  They specialize in Master Setting.  Talk to Mark Krekler.  
I just read the instructions for the "Sumiko Master Set" and they're ridiculous, except for the fact that you need sound to set up speakers which you then should listen to to see if they're providing what you want to hear. That's it. Yeah, you move them around a little, ultimately sit between them, and there ya go! You will not be able to sit just anywhere in the room and get great sound as, well, that's just not how these things work with a dissimilar stereo signal emanating from different places, room reflections, vastly dissimilar dispersion characteristics from dipole to horns to sub integration, different personal preferences from listeners...Master Setting...I really hope shops don't charge for this nonsense.
I guess you you know more than Ron who has been setting up speakers to the Master Set for over 20 years. Based on that amount of time and number he has done, I would think it has its merits. I guess I will eventually find out as this proceedure has been  recomended to me by other owners of the  Vienna Acoustics- The Music.

I agree with the poor promotion by Bluebird and VA, i recently brought a used pair of “The Kiss” they are in perfect condition. I also own the Mozart Grand SE speakers. I have enjoyed the Mozarts for 3 years before the upgrade. The kiss have a similar sonic signature but scale the music amazingly and offer a bass punch and a huge wide and deep soundstage. 
During my research of The Kiss i spoke to a number of dealers who said Bluebird  were terrible distributors, 2 of the 3 were no longer going to stock VA because of that of Bluebirds poor service and support. 
I love the VA sound. I hope VA get a new distributor. In the meantime there are some great deals to be had on VA. Cabinetry is made off season by very high end Italian furniture makers, build quality is exceptional.