Vienna Acoustics Beethovens

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I just purchased a pair of VA Beethovens. Any suggestions on how best to power them? They will be used primarily for music, but may be pressed into service for HT occasionally.
Great choice!. What else did you consider before buying the VA's? I am waiting till I get my taxes done and plan to get the beechwood Beethovens, Motzarts and Maestro.
I will be using a McIntosh MC352 for the front end power.
Another option for you may be the Sherbourne, depends on your budget. I would get plenty of reserve. Also a good clean amp will shine with the VA's. Let me know how you wind up.
I used a pair of Beethoven,Maestro and Haydn for my setup. Krell showcase preamp and Krell KAV-250A. Beethoven is demanding very high power amp to get a good result. Krell is very good choice for VA Beethoven. I'm looking into getting a pair of Waltz now to complet my 7.1.
I have the Vienna Acoustics Beethovens as fronts, Maestro as center, Waltz and Haydens are rears with REL a Storm III making the 7.1 setup, powered by B&K Components AVR507. Sounds amazing, just amazing. Would not change anything in my current setup for the money.
Hello all Vienna Acoustic fan. My current system set up are Beethoven,Maestro,Haydens with REL Stom III, power by B&K components Ref 30 preamp, a pair of Ref 220M for Beethovens, and Ref 7250 II for Maestro and Haydens. Using Audio Quest speaker cable CALDERA for Beethovens as front, still thinking to purchase a pair of Waltz or Haydens to complete 7.1 set up. I always want an Mcintosh amp "MC402" for the Beethoven, but will Mcintosh amp can make a hugh different?
Mine are powered by a klell 300il. I tried my b& k 4420 power amp using the krell pre outs but liked the krell alone better.
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