Vienna Acoustics Beethoven vs. RBH speakers

A friend is having a new home built and it will be wired for sound etc. That contractor is suggesting a system utilizing RBH 1266 ? speakers ($2,500) and a Denon receiver. My friend has asked me for advice. Meanwhile my friend's friend has a pair of Vienna Acoustics Beethovens for sale for about $2500.
IMO the Beethovens are a known entity and the way to go. The WAF requires a narrow footprint and they like Rosewood. Not audiophiles. Any thoughts?
RBH is also well-known, especially for home theater. Since they are not audiophiles and knowing they are going the home theater route, I would recommend RBH -- he could get them in Rosewood on AudiogoN for a good price. He could also get the Denon receiver for a good price on AudiogoN or VideogoN.