Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Speakers

Any comments or experience with the Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Speaker? My system includes the BAT VK-D5 Integrated CD Player and the Bow Wazzo Integrated amplifier. System is located in our living room so a speaker of this size is the max allowed (as per my wife). I am schedule to see my Vienna reseller on Sunday for a listen. thanks.....
your in luck. i have an all bat system with v-a beethoven speakers and it is the most synergistic combo i've ever heard regardless of price. unfortuately, i can't speak for the bow gear.....questions? feel fee to e-mail
These speakers are fine for a home theater setup. Trying to be kind they are not very good with music. I found the sound to thin and hollow. The speakers I had at the time, Vandersteen 1b's, I thought were far superior to these speakers at a fraction of the cost. My friend who owns an audio store and is a Vienna Acoustic dealer has the same feelings for these speakers that I do. The reason he carries them is that they look great, have a high wife acceptance factor and do a good job in a home theater setup. Give them a listen and see what you think.
2 comments regarding johnv's posting. the v-a speakers will sound thin if they are to close to the wall. also, regarding the vandersteens. you are comparing apples to oranges....the vandersteen will mask any flaws in the system further upstream. they work great in avg systems. however the v-a beethovens are considerably more revealling and probably let you know excatly what the electronics sounded like. i'd be interesed in know what gear you and the dealer was using. i bet it was not the quality of the BAT VK5I, VKD5 and BAT VK200 that i use. do others have any experiences with the v-a beethovens? thanks