Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Concert Grand vs Sonus

I'm interested to know if anyone has heard the new Beethoven Concert Grand speakers or the new Sonus Grand Piano Domas speakers? Are Vienna Acoustics and Sonus Faber
made by the same company?
no, they are distibuted by the same company. the pianos are in a different league
I think up to the Mahlers the VA are better, but then the Sonus keep getting better.
I have not heard the Sonus, but heard the VA and fell in love with them. Hard for me to describe, as to me speakers are the most subjective component, but I loved how deep and tight the bass was, the imaging was great, and the crossover network that uses one of the large drivers to augment the midrange adds a depth to instruments like saxaphone as well as vocals that I found very pleasing. To my ears they beat comparably priced offerings from B&W, PSB and Thiel by a modest margin, and several others by a much wider margin.

I am buying the Concert Grands - and adding the center and surround as well. Power for the fronts and the REL 528 will come from a McIntosh MC602SE. I cannot wait to get my room set up (after a basement remodel).