vienna acoustics beethoven baby grand

Not sure about these speakers but I have a chance to buy them at a decent price. Currently I have Mission 770 vintage speakers and Totem Acoustic model 1 bookshelves, both in excellent condition.

Are the Vienna acoustics baby grand a huge upgrade from what I have now?


Having owned the Totem Model One's and hearing the VA Grand, in general you'd be getting a larger sound presentation with the VA speakers. Tonally, they simply sound different. Having said that, helped a buddy my who tried his own crossover upgrades, then stepped up again and had Danny at GR Research design all new crossovers for his VA Grand speakers. The result turned them into a true 3-way, and sound very nice. Yes, it was a little work, but turned out to be a nice option. 

Something to keep in mind if you get a good deal on the VAs and possibly want to upgrade them again later. You might be able to achieve a nice level of speaker with a moderate investment, which now (imo) competes with speakers easily 2-3x the price today. Kinda depends if you are handy or have a local tech to help. 

very different animal. Big factor is room size. The Totems are fantastic, the Viennas may not give you a better result. I always see them - VA speakers - in West Coast craigslist ads.

great speakers, some mild rock n roll, acoustic,

NOT for metal, auditioned them at a best buy / magnolia shop years back, did they sound amazing, hell yes,.... any hard rock, metal, things were muffled and discombobulated, guitar, drums, etc, were meshed in a mess.


 jazz, orchestra, some blues, they were great.

would still love a pair, to test in my own room with metal.