Vienna Acoustics Bach in small room?

I have a dedicated 2-channel room that's 11x11.

would the Bach's provide enough bass since it's a small room?
Hi, I have both the Haydn and Mozart, the Mozart are perfect in my larger room 20 x 20, the Haydn are in the small room 15 x 13, I tried a pair of Bach initialy in my small room, but they needed to be placed too far in the room to get strong base, this didn't work with the room layout, so I tried the Haydn with a sub, for me a more practical alternative. I was using a 100W Classe to drive the Haydn and Bach. For me the smaller speaker was a better fit.
how far out in the room did you have the Bach's in the 15x13 room?

I have to agree with Lpgal. I own a set of Bach's and they indeed have to be pulled out far into the room. The speakers are very placement sensitive. I have mine about 18inches to 22 inches away from the wall. I'll check again tonight.

Placement of the Bachs are very counter-intuitive. Bass seems to get better as you get further away from the back wall. It's not just a little bit either- the difference is huge. I've also noticed that they benefit from just having the speakers pointing forward, toe-in is ok, but you lose some bass if the Bach's are tilted up.

But I thin with some patience with set-up they can be made to sound great even in a small room.
i wonder if this speaker may be too hard to work with then.. i wish i could audition them.

right now my speakers are about 23" from the back wall. i'm looking for something very detailed, smooth, and full.

i called Meadowlark to see if there was a dealer in my area, and got a hold of a guy who use to do them, but now does Usher. for my price range $1000 used, the usher's are speakers on a stand, i would prefer floorstanding.
I think if you could get the Bachs 23inches away from the wall, they would be fine. I think they sound pretty good nice and up close. They are indeed smooth and full sounding. As long as the rest of the system is smooth and full bodied the Bachs will follow suit.

sounds like they may work for me based on that. i will be using them with a Cayin TA-30 Int Tube, and Music Hall CD-25 player.

i guess i could buy used then sell them for what i paid within a month or 2 if i don't like them.
Let me know how it goes. The bachs have been about the same price used for a couple years now. So I doubt you'd loose any money.

good luck!