Vienna Acoustics Bach Grand

I'm currently demo'ing a pair of these speakers in my home. It's seeming as if there's a bit of muddiness in the mid-bass. From anybody whose heard these speakers, is this something that could be a function of how much power I'm giving it? I'm using an HK AVR125, rated at 45 w/ch. Highs and midrange seem just fine, in fact it sounds great. Its just when I play something a bit denser, such as Dave Matthews Band or even some of Sting's more recent albums, that I'm finding this type of performance. I don't listen to anything much harder, but if I ever do, I would imagine it would only exacerbate the issue.

I was expecting something a bit more, but wondering if it's the fault of my equipment rather than the speaker. My old speakers were three-way, so I'm wondering if I might need a speaker with a dedicated midrange plus woofer to get me the sound I'm wanting?
I don't believe it is your equipment. I have demo'd Vienna Acoustics speakers and heard the same "muddy" sound. I believe it is a characteristic of the speaker that some would call "warm." I was not impressed with the line at all.
Yes, they are a classicly warm sounding speaker line. The new Grand series has the most beautiful cabinetry I've ever seen (especially in the warm, brown cherry finish) but VAs are a bit thick in the midbass/lower midrange and are rather dynamically constrained.

I owned the Bachs for a year or so. These were the older
series and not the new Grand Series. I agree with
the previous posts, the Bachs are warm sounding speakers.
I also found them to be very particular when it came
to postitioning. It took a while before I had them sorted
out. This could be causing some of the muddiness your hearing.

I agree with Yohjo's assesment of the entire VA line... I guess they were not my cup of tea either. Very lifeless speakers in general that are overly warm, IMO. I don't think it is your electronics either. They are definitely an acquired taste (and one that I never did acquire, maybe you will though).

I also agree with the previous posters. I haven't heard the grand but have listened to the older Bach including the Beethoven. IMHO they are all some what muddy in the midrange. The cabinets are beautiful..probably where most of the cost went to build them. Too bad they didn't sink more money into the design of the crossovers and drivers.