Vienna acoustic vs Thiel vs ProAc vs Paradigm

Hello everyone,

I am considering a pair floor standing speakers to upgrade.

1.Thiel 2.3
2.ProAc response D15
3.Vienna acoustics Mozart
4.Paradigm studio 100v2 or v3
5.Triangle Celius 202

Electronics using:

Musical Fidelity A3.2 integrated
Musical Fidelity A3.2 CDP
JmLab Cobalt 816s(Just sold)

Classical music is my favorite. I like neutral, balanced, "real" sound. Can anybody give me advice? Thanks.
i have studio 100 v2 with 125 wpc anthem pva,and dont feel i have enough power to drive them,,need a lot of current,hope this helps
I would stay away from Paradigm if you're after true music reproduction. Any of those other four you mention are just fine.

In my opinion, Paradigm is the Bose of true hifi loudspeakers. They are good only if you like to your music to turn into wake up call for the entire neighborhood.
Vienna's are very articulate beautiful sounding speakers. I would try to buy a pair of Beethovens SH vs. the Mozarts. I made the upgrade and it was a huge difference.
I am not quite as severe as Andy2 in my view of Paradigm, but I think the other speakers are a class above it in terms of sound quality.
I have not heard the Vienne or the Triangle, but having heard the other three, I can affirm that Paradigm just is not in the same league as Thiel or ProAc (or even NHT and many other brands). Their reall small speakers are quite impressive for the money, but the larger models just don't do it for me. I just helped a friend pick out a system, and we auditioned several models in both the Monitor and Studio series from Paradigm, and not one of them could compare to the $1,000 NHT ST-4's (which are stupid good, for the money). My friend went with Totem Arro's, BTW. The NHT's were probably his first choice, sonically, but the Arro's also sound darn good, and have incredible WAF ratings!

Getting back to Thiel or ProAc, I have a hard time deciding which brand I prefer, and those are my two favorits in dynamic speakers, BTW. I have Thiels at home and ProAc in the office. They each have their own sound, so it'll come down to personal preference, but I think that you would be well served by either the CS2.3's or the D15's.
As a former ProAc Response 2.5 owner that swithed back to Thiel (cs2.4)....

I did this specifically to get a more linear response in my studio for editing and mixing classical music.

2 cents