Vienna Acoustic Haydn vs B&W CM 1

Need some affordable/discrete bookshelves for a secondary set up. 1-1.5k, new or used.
Currently using McIntosh 6300 and mcd 201.

Haydn used in my HT.

Pretty tough combination to beat if you have the right components. The Haydns are paired with Musical Fidelity A308CR dual mono power amplifier rated at 250 watts per channel, and can deliver blockbusting current.

The bass is great and the mids are silky smooth.
Are these going in a bookshelf?
Speakers will sit on top of two very stable tables; glass behind (preserving the view), vaulted ceilings, about 350 square feet. Will have a Rel T3 to fill the space.
REL B2 used with Haydns.