Vienna Acoustic Beethovens-The right electronics?

OK I admit being bitten by the "upgrade bug" I'm going to VA Beethovens/Maestro center, replacing the Bachs/Theatro center. I will keep Haydens for rears and a Rel Q-100E sub. My room is 19'x13' I'm seriously considering B&K Ref30 and a 7250 200wpc 5 channel amp OR a 305 150wpc 5 channel HT receiver and using a ref 2220 220wpc 2channel amp to run the Beethovens. The budget works w/ the B&K equip. As a side note I found a good deal on Audioquest Viper interconnects. Am I on the right track or should I be considering something else. Open to suggestions??
I basically have gone the same route as you except that I started out with the Haydns for my front speakers. I would suggest that you consider using high quality amps for the Beethovens especially if you use them for regular two channel. I have a friend who is a VA fan and he is using the Mahlers for his fronts, here is the good news we have discovered thru listing comparisons that the Monarchy Audio SM-70 Pros or SE-100 Delux amps are the way to go. In direct comparisons they outperformed Classe and Plinius with the VA,s. Just go to their website (and audio and check out the reviews
I use the speakers for HT and music but rarely in a 2 channel format so a 5 ch amp is what I'm looking for.
Thank you for the suggestion
I have much of the same equipment. I would say a phone call to Sumiko would be a good idea. My system sounded way to layed back for my taste and was told to try some solid core copper cable. I was able to pick up some Audioquest cv-4,very cheep($5 per FT.). The results were incredible. I do not think the B&K amp. would be a good idea. You may want to look around for a Plinius amp. I also think the Haydn is to small for HT,use your Bach's.
With the Vienna Acoutics speaker cable is very important.

Tim Flemke
I plan on trying the Bachs in the rear but , ultimately wii try and find a pair of Mozarts for rears. I do HT and music so a 5 channel amp is a must. I don't see a 5 ch on the Plinius website. Many of the small high-end amp mfrs don't offer a multi ch solution in one box.