Videos of your System

Hi Everyone,

I quite enjoy looking through the Virtual Systems to see all the infinite possibilities of what people have and enjoy in their homes for stereo's.

But another thing I enjoy are videos of user's system and unfortunately we don't have that here.

I am thinking about posting a YouTube Video of my System soon highlighting all the equipment that I have and what I think of it.

I wanted to see if any of you have already done something similar and if you have, post your link here so that we can view it (if you don't mind) or maybe this will give you some idea's to do one.

Anyways, hope to see some posts.


I hear you on that.

I plan to be behind the camera the whole time just talking and displaying my system and playing a few demo tracks.

Hopefully soon.

I did one other video on my car and at first it was really weird, just talking about the car but then I kind of got into it. Once again, just behind the camera.

But anyways, thanks for your input.
I watched it a couple of times...such a bore. All talk and no music, and even if there was, how would you know what it sounded like over computer speakers. I don’t know if he ever plays it, but the two times that I checked in it was just talk and no music. You can't even see him.

I understand what you are saying but the YouTube video channel I referenced has several videos that compare components or speakers against each other playing music on his system. I know it's almost impossible to hear the difference over computer speakers but I thought it might be a step in the right direction for least to get some ideas from.
Its best to listen to any audio related video on you tube with good headphones.  The videos need to be recorded in stereo with good microphones also.  I’ll listen to sound demos on you tube using my red dragonfly dac, jitterbug and periodic audio beryllium in ear monitors and it works well!
Well I did it, ha.

Here is a link to my video:

It's my first one on my Stereo System so don't flame too hard, lol.

It's a bit cheesy but you'll get the gist.

If I continue, especially just playing different track as I have seen other users do, then I might invest in a good microphone to produce higher res quality sound.

Enjoy. You walk the walk. Note that the big cabinet between the speakers will mess up imaging.
While not video, have you checked out Virtual Systems?

The imaging of my system seems fine to me but I'm sure can be improved.

The problem is that space you see if the only space I have available for my system (Living Room). I wish I had a dedicated listening room.

So that cabinet has to hold all my gear and my home theater gear.

But I hear you what your saying.

Also, I did definitely have checked our the Virtual Systems, I have my system listed their also.