video upscaling

I have a HDTV with the 15 pin connector and RGB component cable. I like the denon 2910 and I would like to know will I enjoy video upscaling higher then 420p? Thanks You Joe
If your TV is HDTV capable, it should be able to display 1080i and/or 720p. Whether you get any benefit from the upscaler in the Denon depends on whether the upscaler in your TV is better or worse than the upscaler in the Denon.
It also depends alot on screen size,in a 30 or 42 inch screen, the pixels or whatever you call them are so small, you may not see the added scaling till you get into the big screen...50 inches and above.
It is wise to use whatever format the broadcast is being broadcast in. for instance Public Broadcasting is in 1080 and fox is in 480 while, if I remember right, ABC is in 720. Stick with what you are getting and it will be better.

Does the 2910 have an RGB output? I think the only upscaling/upconverting the 2910 will do is via HDMI/DVI using HDCP. It does not upscale over Component so that would rule out use of a Componenet to RGB converter for upscaling.

If your HDTV does not have an HDCP compatible HDMI/DVI input, then you could use a HTPC instead of the 2910 and upconvert over RGB.