Video transfer ?

Well, this might give away my age but. My wedding video is on Beta tape. I need to have it transfered to DVD if possible. Everyone that I talk to says I need to find a Mom and Pop store somewhere. I also need the video cleaned up a little bit. It is not the best recording quality you have ever seen.
Is there a place available that I can send this and have it restored to DVD ?
Thanks, Scott
If your computer has an analog video can do it your self. if not, you can buy an out-board USB video input and still do it. Other wise...send it out and have it done.

Thank you very much, looks just like what I was looking for.
Your welcome.
I don't know if this guy does vidoe tranfers but he seems to take quite a bit of pride in the film to dvd transfers. I printed out and read 30 some odd pages of info on his mom and pop style web site;