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Just kinda curious about this...

I recently upgraded my radioshacks for a set of paradigms.

Well, they are not shielded. So they play hell with the old SDTV CRT im using.

Due to placement restraints, now my system is set with the TV on its stand, an AV rack on the left with the left speaker next to it.
To the right of the TV are a pair of stacked velodynes(works prtty good this way, i was suprised, but its not really optimal), however they are not shielded either, so they face the right. If they face forward they interfere with the display. To the right of these is the right speaker.

This is less than optimal, but not completly horrible either. It sounds good and does not interfere with the display, but i would rather do it another way.

Does anyone know and tricks to solve problems with the magnetic interference?

Im planning on buying a plasma next spring and a low slung av rack to clear up space metween the speakers, and as far as i know plasma is not affected by this the same as CRT TVm, so i dont want to spend a fortune trying to overcome this problem. The only real problem is the subwoofers are not really optimal.

Any suggestions? Cheap DIY fixes to eliminate this(other than placement)? Or should i just stick it out untill i get the plasma?
You need some "BUCKING" magnets

Do you know the joke about the "Buccaneer", if not contact Sean or Jax2, I'm sure they can tell it to you.

Very unappropriate for this forum,

With that said.....

This fully-charged donut magnet has many uses. By attaching to a driver's magnet in reverse polarity, this magnet can be used to add shielding to tweeters, midranges, and small mid-bass and woofer drivers so they can be placed in close proximity to picture tube CRTs and computer monitors. These magnets are also commonly reffered to as bucking or cancellation magnets. Affix the ring magnet to the back of your speaker with construction adhesive, two part epoxy or any other fast drying heavy duty adhesive. Dimensions: 60mm OD x 32mm ID x 10mm H. Net weight: 3.5 oz.

Go HERE and type in Ferrite Bucking Magnets into the Quick search box

HTH Dave
I know it took a long time getting back to you on this, but thanks. I dont have the paradigms anymore, but my JmLab 707s's have this same problem. I just ordered several different sizes and will let you know how it goes.

Thanks Dave