Video Sheilding - required for Projection HDTV's??

Hello - Can anyone tell me if shielded speakers are necessary if they are to be placed next to a projection TV?

I realize the unshielded speakers will effect a tube TV but... not sure about a projection TV.

My Father In-Law recently purchased some speakers and is concerned because they aren't shielded & is afraid he will break the TV if he puts the speakers too close. Unfortunately his system (and living space) REQUIRES that the speakers be placed right next to the TV.

Can someone please confirm if it is okay to put the speakers next to a projection TV??
I feel bad that your question has gone unanswered, but I honestly do not know.

I would read the owners manual under set up procedures. If there is danger they should address that topic in the text. Another option would be to look up the manufacturer on the web and email their tech department directly. If you are in a hurry, there is always the phone.

Hope this works out for you and your Father in-Law.
Hi Albert, Thanks for taking the time to reply. I couldn't provide him with a definitive answer and he is too paranoid to listen to my rationalization. You'd think the man doesn't trust me!!! But... he gave me his daughters hand!!! Interesting though - how he won't let me mess with his TV... Hmmm....

My thoughts are that projection TV's have the R, G & B CRTs near the center of the unit and most likely toward the rear. This should put them far enough away from the left and right side of the monitor to ensure stray magnetic field doesn't gauss the screen.

A friend of mine has Dynaudio Consequence (5 drivers - big speakers - lots'o unshielded magnets) directly on the left and right of his Pioneer Elite projection TV without a problem. And a pair of Dynaudio Confidence 3's on top for use as a center channel.

Logic tells me there would be no problem - I was just hoping to get a few Audiogon members to confirm.

Thanks again!!
Yes, shielding is needed if the magnetic field of the speakers is near the floor and the speakers are against the TV. I have had 2 different RPTVs, and both are severely impacted by my Apogee mini-grands: colors go haywire and it looks like the magnetic field was warping the picture. Replacing the Apogees with Von Schweikert 4.5s and keeping them about a foot from the TV solved the problem There is no problem with center channel speakers on top of the TV or with speakers on stands.