Video scaler question

Was hoping to get some more info on video chips again. Is an investment in a video scaler like the Crystalio, with a Gennum chip worth the investment for 2-3 grand and use it with an existing DVD player with great audio output, no video upscaler; or is it better to get a DVD player with a great video chip already inside but with average audio? For home theater use only.
As much as I love video scales, calling one an "investment" is misguided: price compression plus the migration of features and technology to lower price units means that they don't hold their value for squat.

Regardless, consider a scaler if you have multiple video sources you'd like to manage, such as DVD, HD box, and a game system, for example.

On the audio side, that's a tough call. Maybe research/hold out for a DVD with great upconversion [i]and[/i] audio out?