Video quality of Philips SACD 1000?

I am putting together a 2 channel system and I bought a while back I bought a brand new philips SACD 1000, quite frankly because it was a good deal. I have not used it yet because the room is not quite complete. Anyway, I just bought an HDTV ready tv and was wondering how the philips would work with it?
The video quality is about as bad as it gets im afraid. End of story. But I am comparing it to the CAL 2500 and the Meridian 800 but really , it is far worse than any # of the 300 .00 - 450.00 Toshibas and panasonics i have in various rooms around the house. Thats my opinion anyway.
Since you have a HDTV, to get the most from it you should get a progressive scan player, which the 1000 is not. Most people bought the 1000 for the SACD feature. A lot of Progressive scan DVD players can be had for under $200. Check out the Panasonics which don't have the chroma bugs.
See this informative article:
Not really, I had a chance to compare to Sony9000 and found the Philips 1000 is a better unit in term of picture quality. The Sony has the Prog. Scan feature but is inferior. The Philips is just much more natural, vivid and smoother.