video processor & hdmi

Here's the issue. I'm getting a new pre/pro that is absolutely awesome, but it lacks hdmi inputs (which at this moment doesn't matter much). I was thinking about getting an external video processor and do all the video switching through that. Probably something like a DVDO iScan VP50Pro. Can I take the HDMI input into that processor, output video at 1080i through the component and get the sound output through the digital output? Reading the manual on the DVDO website made me no smarter...

You should be able to do so.

I am wondering if you can't get a better processor than the awesome one you are thinking of getting which may have some switching in it.

If you are outputting component you would enter the VP 50 with component and then route your digital through the VP 50 or hook it up direct to the processor.

Many video processors also have digital inputs so as not to create a time lag between the audio and video.
Did some more research and found something that said that DVDO has switched off the component output when the input is HDMI HDCP... not good...

Don't think I can get much better sound that the Krell HTS 7.1... this would be a full Krell HT, driving a full set of Magnepan's,,, Audio is by far the most important...
No HDMI only passes HDMI, I had an Iscan so I speake from experience, you can pass Composite and Svideo thru Component cables but not HDMI. For the record I have a non HDMI processor and just run HDMI direct into my Projector and run Component and S-video and Composite into my Processor and out to my Processor, its no big deal to have to push an extra button so save you money.
Yep Chadnliz is right and I agree the manual doesn't explain it very well and I ended up with the VP50 pro before I worked this out. However in saying that its a sensational processor sending out over component so I am happy.
Ok, thanks everyone. Guess it'll be a new projector in the near future... one with at least 2 HDMI inputs... Since I'm quite happy with my Panny AE-300U (I know.. not HD capable, but it does look good), the logical choice would be a Panasonic AE-2000U.
Just found this thread. I just bought an InFocus IN83. It has only one HDMI input, fortunately its 1.3. But I want to hook up both my blu-ray player and my cable box via HDMI. I would also like to hook up my Exemplar-Denon Statement 5910 DVD Player (great sound for my concert DVDs) via component input into a video processor and output it via HDMI to my projector.

From this thread, it sounds like that won't work. Is this correct?

Thanks for setting me straight, whatever the answer.

You should check out the new DVDO Edge. Not as tweakable as the VP50, but uses the same deinterlacing and scaling chips, has dual HDMI outs (one for A/V one for A only) and is only $799! Just about to be released.

They make a hdmi to rgb converter at and also a hdmi switcher if you need it.
I have a dvdo iScan VP30 hooked to my PC rig. I have my sat receiver into the dvdo and coax audio out to a dac. It works fine. I only use it for 2 channel but I could connect the coax out to a surround sound processsor and that would also work.
Ok, update... Bought a VP30 with ABT102 and SDI cards. Also got a SDI modified Oppo DV981. This way I can continue to use my trusty old PT-AE300U projector over component and scale it to the 940*540 resolution. Audio is routed through the VP30 to get the audio/video sync.

Probably during next year, I will invest in a new projector... looking at a JVC RS10 or RS20... or maybe I'll just get a use RS1 or RS2. Picture quality of the RS1 is pretty spectacular!