video processing and 3D

I have an
anthem avm50 which has great video processing and i'm starting to think about a new 3D monitor. Do i also need a new preamp processor?I realize i need a new 3D capable Blu Ray player also. (Thinking of an Oppo 93 or 95).
Does the 3D signal get altered negatively as it passes through the processor or does it just pass it through remaining in 3D?
The Oppo 93 and 95 have dual hdmi out puts. You can run one to your processor and one to your TV or projector. In this configuration you lose the video capabilities of your Anthem related to blu ray. The perks are that you don't have to buy a new processor. The Oppo players have pretty good video so the Anthem video may not be a huge benefit. I cannot speak to the pass through of a 3D signal.
Processor needs HDMI 1.4 or just do it as above
Thanks for the advice. I didn't realize the Oppo has more than one HDMI output.
That'll work.
That's what I am doing - direct to TV from Oppo for 3d video - works great.