Video in for my LCD?

I have tried running my 32" Sony Bravia LCD through my video input on my Audio Research tube pre amp. Compared to my SS Bryston pre, there is a very audible hiss. It takes quite a bit of source volume to drown it out, not very practicle. Is this a input voltage thing? What am I missing?
Why would you want to do that?
I reread your message. I take it you ran the audio output of the Bravia to the audio input (labeled "video") of your AR. Is that correct? If so, it should work fine. Check your connections and try another pair of interconnects.
I've had similar trouble with tv to my system. You really need to run the TV source to your pre-amp. TV tend to degrade the sound quality too much.
Narrod, yep, I ran the ICs from audio out from TV, to video in @ pre amp....I think maybe video in vs aux is a bad choice. Not sure. I will swap the ICs for another pair, see what happens, thx