Video / Digital cable

If both cables are 75 ohm what is the differace?
1. Can a high Quality Video cable be used as a Digital cable?
2. Can a high quality 75 ohm RGU6 coaxial cable be used as a Digital Cable?

First Trial.
Because I needed a long 10 foot lenght for a digital cable I tried a silver Wire World Video cable that was once the top of there line that I had in the closet.
I gotta tell you, it sounded pretty good transmitting Digital. Not sure if this is optimun since I do not have any other 10 digital cables to compare.

Next, I am going to try a RGU6 Coaxial cable as a Digital cable. I already have RCA screw on connectors.

I would be interested in Comments using these as digital cables.

Looks like no one in the know wants to answer this question!

I will ask it in clearer terms.

What is the differance between these two types of interconnect? If thier both 75ohm how are they differant from one another? Also if thier are the same why is there a huge differance in price?
according to blue jean cables, digital cable is functional as (composite) video cable and vice versa. i've used a well-made composite cable as a digital cable and it worked fine--all it needs to do is transfer the signal. i'm sure all the freaks will weigh in on how their $2000 diamond-coated solid plutonium super-duper digital coax cured their baldness and conquered erectile dysfunction, but listen to your own ears.