video component cable length

I'm thinking about tapping off my cable box to send component video and audio output to another room. I have a remote extender in place already. The run is about 30 feet.
Anyone have experience with a run this long? Will this cause adverse effects in picture quality? I was also considering a product from AI tech (wireless cable)
Anyone have experience with this product?
thanks to all!
i have a 30-40 run to a Runco front projector. It's Canare cable rated for digital signal 2GHZ i believe.. There is no noticeable affect on the image quality. I compared it to drapping a cable directly to the scaler...before fishing the wire through the wall and ceiling.
Ditto here. I have a 50ft run of Transparent Hi performance component video cable from my cable box to my projector. Hi Def looks damn good.
No problem. I use Blue Jeans Cable for 45 feet. No worries.
No worries, I am running component DIY cables built by me with Neutrik connectors 35' to a projector in basement. Crystal clear Hi-Def looks fabulous.