Video Calibration?

I own a 55" Mitsubishi WS-809 RP. tv and I picked up the Avia hometheater set up dvd.Now,after using the video calibration test patterns I thought the picture was terrible except for the 480p display on dvd and even that could use some improvment.What I did after a few days of these new settings was switched every thing back to standard setting and used my IRIS control witch controls the contrast and brightness automatically,according to the brightness in the room.I read in alot of hometheater mags that calibration is a must but after I did it my self with this Avia dvd I was scratching my head wondering why the picture was so poor.I also hear of ISF a technician who comes to your house and calibrates your set.Has anyone ever had this done and if so did it make an improvment?I heard you can have it done for about 350.00.Im happy with the picture now but if I can get more out of my set for a reasonable price I will.
I find your post interesting, since I have used both the AVIA Guide, and the Video Essentials DVD, and thought the picture quality on my Sony 36" WEGA-XBR TV was much better after calibration. I have also used both of these guides to adjust direct-view and rear projection sets belonging to friends, and there was a noticeable improvement in the overall video quality.

I'd be interested in knowing, in more specific terms, what made the picture quality seem "terrible" following the calibration process with the AVIA Guide. For example, was the color rendition (hue and tint) inaccurate to your eye?; did the lowered sharpness setting make the picture seem too fuzzy?; were the contrast and brightness settings unsuitable for your room when ambient light levels were higher?; etc.

It's possible that the "temperature" settings on your set need to be adjusted by an ISF technician. If the "temperature" settings are set too high (as is often the case with the factory settings), then you may find it advisable to have an ISF check the set. However, if you like the factory settings, I have a hunch that you will NOT like the picture you get following calibration by an ISF tech, since the adjusted picture will seem much more subdued (although accurate by NTSC standards).

From my experience, I have found that many people have become so used to the high contrast, high sharpness, and heavily satured colors on most TV's that it takes some time -- a week or more -- to become adjusted to the correct settings.

If you can provide us with more info, maybe the videophiles on the forum can offer some useful suggestions.
Yup, I would say Mr Sdcampbell has nailed it --in your case.--Maybe-? I would say many just love the over-bright colors. I don't want to point out most of the faults as they come from the factory; BUT;there are many. I'd be happy to tell you what to look for.But then it may drive you crazy,once you see these things.The way most sets come; Aviva and Vid. Essentials are just a bandaid;when your set needs surgery. There is no way to adjust the grey scale with ANY disc;using the "user-controls".And the guys whom have never lived with a properly calibrated set,wont agree. Those that 'have ' will.-- There are many ways to help these newer sets. Part is calibration; part is because of the wide difference between reg. and hidef programing.--Power conditioning; good cabling,also help. When I had my Sony 53 xbr calibrated,it was like a new set. ! ! !
One GIANT caution w/ the Avia home theater calibration, their blue filter truely is terrible. I love the AVIA disk a lot more than the Video Essentials disk, but the Video Essentials disk has a MUCH better blue filter that works awesome for the color and tint adjustments. All of my calibration work is now done with VE filter and Avia disk.

Good Luck
Forget all those do it yourself tweeks.Get a ISF tech in and then you will see the difference.I tried to calibrate my Runco Rear screen Projector and it looked good.I was told about how much better it could look so I called an ISF tech from the Hometheater Spot. Wow what a difference I mean day and night.He is David Abrams This guy did everything cleaned the guns,made so many ajustments you wont believe all that there is to it.I highly Recommend David or any other ISF tech They are worth every penny. The way to find one is
Hello Jondon,

I purchased a Mitsubishi WT-46809 and used the Video Essentials dvd. The effect of my DIY calibration was OK. Then, after having burned in the screen for about 100 hrs, I called my local ISF certified tech. He spent about 2.5-3 hrs. working on the set. Once he was done it was like magic. The colors were more true. The images were smoother and clearer then before. If you decide to do the calibration you will not regret it. It makes a hell of a difference.....John
Update,first I would like to thank everyone for there reply on this matter.I posted this message months ago and since then I have learned alot and also had a ISF tech. come out and tune my set and WOW what a difference.I was very impressed with the results and it was worth every penny.As I understand it you and I can only get into the user menu but the ISF tech can get into the service menu wich is realy the default settings of the set.Also he has a color analyzer wich he uses to adjust the gray scale and get as close to 6500 kelvin as possible.While the guy was tuning my set wich took about 4 hours I asked him about a hundred questions wich he was happy to answer.Anyway in three days I make settlement on my new home and I am biulding a dedicated home theater in the basement.I cant wait untill it's finished and I'm sure I will have alot of questions along the way.I'll talk to ya's soon and thanks again.