Video and audio cables... Don't mix?

Do you think I’ll wind up with trouble if I run both audio (speaker cables) & video (HDMI & RCA/S), in the same square conduit (channel)?

The speaker cables are Canare 4S11.

All the wires will be together for about 10 – 11 ft. then the video cables will split off to the PJ.

Or is it really necessary to just run two channels… which is my guess… but not my wish.

I ask only because I’ve heard talk that the Cannare cables geometry is not conducive to exuding or recovering interference, generally speaking.

Lastly, has anyone seen plastic or rubberish, flexible rectangular conduit or channel? I need to span a couple places where rigid conduit simply won’t do. The gap/span overall, is about 8 inches in total.

Thanks very much…
I found flexible plastic corrugated hose for wires at Lowes. It works fine. Black, not pretty. The HDMI is several very small wires, the video single ended should be shielded. Although it is theoretically not ideal, I doubt you will see or hear the difference. My concern would be more for interference with the video display more than on the speaker cables. In that case you will see the difference, but I doubt it. The 4S11 will reject some interference due to its quad geometry. I have it running through walls and around some AC lines with no noticeable effect, albeit in a smaller and less resolving system. Try it that way first and see if it makes a difference.
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Two conduits - channels eliminates much of this consternation.

Gee thanks, Bob, your input is always pertinent and appreciated.

I never thought of it that way 'round as my focus is always on the audio... except here. Now it's gotta be on both.

AS the HDMI cable and the composite won't ever be energized for long simultaneously, I'm at a loss to see how there can be much derogatory an effect, wouldn't you agree?

Aside from the occasional quick POP or PIP look see... only one cable at a time will be hot.

Very good!
Thanks for the tip. I'll get up there this weekend and check it out.... maybe it'll take paint.

As much as I dislike having a double run of conduit up there on the ceiling, I believe I'll just do two runs of half the size and just get them up against each other real close... and paint 'em of course.
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Others with more knowledge will answer this, but since HDMI is fully digital data transfer, it should be very obvious in the picture and sound if there's any interference from speaker or mains power cables.
I would assume such intereference would more likely affect analogue transfer (eg S-video, RGB etc)?
Well for good or ill... I'll put up two runs of smaller channel. One for the Audio and the other for video... and just try not to look up too often.

Thanks much all for all the imput here.
You might try creating a hollow beam or molding arrangement so the conduits can be hidden by decor. Instead of trying to hide it, make it an attractive feature. Of course, I, myself, have snakes of wires running around my room, but advice is easy.


Thanks. I've little choice in where and how to run this affair aside from location and size of the channeling.... ceiling or wall... It's ceiling for the PJ cables, and hopefully the wall for the rear speaker cables.

The decorative fix is just to paint each wire hider channel accordingly. Making conduit more invisible I believe is the way to go.