Victory at Sea Audiophile recordings

Am looking for the best recorded version of the Victory at Sea series. Any VAS fans out there tha can advise me? Thanks!
I find that the original Living Stereo vinyl records ,in mint condition, sound just fine. I have missed seeing any Classic re-issue, if that is why you are not sure whether the original vinyl is good enough. I have a number of copies of this item, as I have been a fan since first listening to the black and white television series, as a youth, on a tiny built-in television mono speaker.
I think the brain adds some additional excitement when listening to nostalgic music that originally accompanied the visually engaging video portion.
There is a long out of print LP Mobile Fidelity box set that sometimes comes available that is outstanding. If you are interested in cd there are 2 Victory at Sea cds available and just recently a DVD set was released.