Victor TT 801

Hi all.
Anyone own it?
Has it ever been necessary to carry out a recap or suffered a failure and carry out the calibration or repair without a service manual available in the world?

I very recently imported a second SP10 MkII from Japan, the shipping charged post COVID was approx' + £200 without any added taxes.

I believe these air freight rates are still rising, as Sea Cargo is severely delayed and fuel is heading to the stratosphere.

It is best to have a shipping cost worked out in advance, due the these substantial cost increases rapidly developing.


@pindac  Japan /home shipping costs have increased significantly in recent months; now everything has become anti-economic.

I am not interested to amp repair in Japan to do a turntable repair or maintenance ..... by my ability I know how to do it myself.


Obviously you don't, otherwise you wouldn't spend all this time on audio forums asking the same question.

There are in fact places in Japan where you could source a manual, but your lack of understanding of Japanese language and culture will unfortunately be a barrier.

Best you bin the TT801 and then all your troubles will be over.

Well - why not get manual in pdf - do a word convert then put via a translator program. That may at least let you know the resistor and capacitor values…