Victor TT 801

Hi all.
Anyone own it?
Has it ever been necessary to carry out a recap or suffered a failure and carry out the calibration or repair without a service manual available in the world?

@best-groove try wilkinsons in Lancashire UK. They have the JVC museum and worked on my two tt101's ask for David and mention that they were recommended by me 'Lohan'


After limited investigation, it seemed the TT801 is a TT101 with  vacuum platter. The TT801 used ICs where the TT101 used discrete transistors, in order for the 801 to accommodate the plumbing necessary for the vacuum feature.

@lohanimal I can try since I have been looking for it for a long time; but I am pessimistic because not even in Japan since the 801 was intended for the domestic market only is available.

I've scoured the world.